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Meet the Staff!


Although we have quite a few returning employees this year, we are fortunate to bring on a couple of new additions to the 2013 Balogh Gardens team. Take a second and check out who you’ll be seeing around this year!

Dan - Sales/Assistant Manager

Dan – Sales/Assistant Manager

Dan is a returning employee who will be working on his second season with Balogh Gardens. He enjoys gardening as his hobby and has turned his family’s home into a green wonderland of perennial and annual flowers. Dan will be largely involved with our sales this year, so he will be the face behind many of our estimates. Additionally, Dan will be helping Heather out with the management of the company.


Seth – Supervisor

Seth is our longest-term employee and is beginning his fourth season with the company. Seth has worked in the green industry for 13+ years and is incredibly knowledgeable with perennial care and overall property maintenance. He also has experience with hardscape projects, so he truly is well-versed in all that we do. Additionally, Seth received his certification as a Master Gardener. On the side, he is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking with his dogs on the weekend.

Jenny - Supervisor and Designer

Jenny – Supervisor and Designer

Jenny is beginning her second season with Balogh Gardens and is quickly becoming our go-to gal for in-depth horticultural knowledge. She earned her associates degree in Horticulture/Greenhouse Operations in 2004 from Northeastern Junior College as well as her certificate of Floral Design in 2011. In addition to her experience in the field, Jenny has also spent time growing plants and annual plugs for greenhouses and nurseries. She will be a huge help in the spring by heading up our annual and perennial designs, so you’ll become very familiar with her work.

Peter - Hardscape Supervisor/Irrigation Tech

Peter – Hardscape Supervisor/Irrigation Tech

Peter is returning for his third season with Balogh Gardens and will be acting as a jack of all trades in terms of our hardscape projects. He has past experience with all stages of hardscaping, ranging from the planning and design on through the implementation. Additionally, he has extensive experience in plumbing which comes in handy with all of your irrigation needs. Because of this, he will become a familiar face out there for any and all projects. On the side, Peter is a huge fitness buff and enjoys working out at the gym and getting up into the mountains.

Heidi - Gardener

Heidi – Gardener

Heidi is a brand new addition to the 2013 staff as she just began last week! She comes to us from a slightly different background as she spent the past year working at an organic farm in Arkansas. While there, Heidi gained ample experience with sustainable gardens, including planting, harvesting, maintaining, weeding and organic pest control. Heidi will be a huge help this spring once we start installing all of your vegetable gardens!

Jon - Gardener

Jon – Gardener

Jon is another new addition to the crew this season, and comes to us all the way from Vermont! He is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Science and a focus on Ecology. He has spent the past few years working as a general contractor and gardener, so he will be a big help to Peter on all of the hardscape projects. Additionally, he has a passion for sustainable gardens, so I suspect he and Heidi will be teaming up to create some beautiful mixed sustainable gardens on your property!

We will have a few more employees joining us as the weeks go by, so check back in to find out more about our 2013 staff!

Author: baloghgardens

I have committed to the horticultural industry for 43 years with two degrees a B.S., and M.S. all in the plant sciences. Its an inherent nature to want to grow and beautify this world with plants. Balogh Gardens is proud to say we love our field.

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