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Welcome to the 2014 Season!

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It may feel like we just closed down before winter, but it’s not the case– the cold months are gradually dwindling and spring will be here before we know it! (Contrary to what the groundhog tells us.)

We’re looking forward to our 21st season at Balogh Gardens and while we have been in business for over two decades, we’re looking forward to growing and adapting to our ever-expanding environment. First up? We’re finally entering the 20th century 21st century and going paperless!

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We’ve heard from many clients that newsletters, personal messages and bills are hard to keep track of when you receive them via snail mail. Who needs more paper to clutter the dining room table? Additionally, we truly hate the additional waste caused by the excessive paper, and we really want to do our part in reducing our footprint.

Heather or Dan will be contacting everyone within the next few weeks to discuss everything and get you sorted with our emails. If email is not your thing, you can definitely opt out of our new system, but we’re hoping you participate!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concern. And check back tomorrow when we begin introducing our 2014 staff!

Author: baloghgardens

I have committed to the horticultural industry for 43 years with two degrees a B.S., and M.S. all in the plant sciences. Its an inherent nature to want to grow and beautify this world with plants. Balogh Gardens is proud to say we love our field.

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